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Dr. Miller is a teen and adult therapist, with offices in Glenview and Skokie. She is highly experienced in working with teens, college students and adults who struggle with anxiety, depression, social difficulties and life transitions. In addition to being licensed as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Miller is also an Illinois licensed school psychologist. In addition, Dr. Miller is a member of PSYPRO, https://www.asppb.net/page/PSYPRO , an inter-jurisdictional cooperative that enables her to do teletherapy not only in Illinois, but in 30 additional states. To see those states: https://psypact.site-ym.com/page/psypactmap.

Due to her extensive experiences within both the educational and clinical practice environment, Dr. Miller is able to help individuals navigate their educational systems and find unique solutions to create success in a full range of settings.

In her capacity as a school psychologist, Dr. Miller has worked with children ages 3-22, and was intricately involved in the developmental processes that lead to successful outcomes. Dr. Miller has the sensitivity and experience needed to provide compassionate, non-judgmental support as well as effective therapeutic interventions. She has helped parents understand how their own childhood experiences impact their parenting, and what they need to do in order to support the development of their children. Dr. takes a positive therapeutic attitude, emphasizing strengths over weaknesses.

Dr. Miller’s approach to therapy is integrative, drawing on elements of many different types of therapies. She respects the cultural backgrounds of her diverse clientele, and matches interventions to address the unique needs and background of each client and/or family system. Dr. Miller takes a holistic approach to body, mind and spirit, recognizing the integral link between all three. She integrates each client’s cultural background and religious belief system into treatment. Dr. Miller fosters the creation of a warm and supportive environment, in which clients are able to explore, learn and understand, while simultaneously achieving their goals.

Dr. Miller uses a variety of therapeutic tools, including CBT, DBT and EMDR. These can help to reduce depression and anxiety and rebuild self-esteem and resiliency. Dr. Miller works with mothers having difficulty adjusting to the various stages of their children’s development. She promotes healthy and secure attachments, which build parent-child relationships as well as develop stronger and more resilient children.

Dr. Miller is trained as a mediator from The Center for Conflict Resolution in Chicago, and at times uses these skills to help improve strained parent-child relationships. When needed, Dr. Miller works with parents on enhancing their skills in order re-align their parent-child relationships.

Dr. Miller is specialized in working with those who are gifted yet suffer from social anxiety, and/or individuals with a diagnosis of high-functioning autism spectrum disorder (formerly Asperger’s).

As President of Nefesh Chicago, https://nefeshchicago.org/ Dr. Miller is a leader among her colleagues. She is active in developing cutting-edge, preventive education for teens and adults alike. She has created a variety of programming to address challenges related to COVID-19, and has collaborated with other local and international organizations.


Care Philosophy

“I recognize that it can takes a lot of courage for many people to reach out to seek help. I respect each person and their personal journey that leads them to seeking my support and assistance. I tailor my interventions to the goals, challenges, culture, age, developmental level, personality and interests of each patient. “

“I take a non-judgmental approach to people, which enables my patients to trust me with their deepest experiences. Therapeutic bonds form easily and naturally, and we are able to explore many areas of a person’s past and present. We work on getting to the root of dysfunctional behavior, and I am able to assist in propelling individuals to move forward to achieving their therapeutic goals and ambitions in life.”

Conditions Treated

Depressive Disorders

Social Issues



Orthodox Jewish Therapist

Life Transitions

Relationship Issues

Grief and Loss

Empty Nest Syndrome

Panic Attack

Relationship Issues

Ambiguous Loss

Adjustment issues


Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Client-Centered Therapy

Conflict Resolution

EMDR treatment for trauma

Individual psychotherapy

Relaxation & Mindfulness

Behavior Modification

Grief Therapy

Group Psychotherapy




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“Our experience with Dr. Miller is wonderful. She was engaged with us from the very first moment, with a strong focus on listening to our concerns. We found she was immediately warm and compassionate and her natural demeanor made us as comfortable as long-time friends. Dr. Miller provides a positive atmosphere of safety and trust. We look forward to working with her as she makes us feel like we’re all on the same team. We identify achievable goals and see progress regularly.”


“From my very first visit with Dr. Miller, I felt safe and uninhibited. Her warm personality and gentle approach, coupled with her superb knowledge of the human psyche, has allowed to me flourish in ways I’ve only dreamed of. Whether in her office, or out in the world, Dr. Miller’s teachings are always with me. Dr. Miller consistently nurtures an environment where I feel safe and empowered. I am wholeheartedly touched by this woman’s work and dedication.”


“My daughter and I have come to love Dr. Miller’s unpretentious style. I particularly appreciate that she doesn’t try to assume even though she’s seen tons of clients. Her thoughtful and weighted words hit the spot and help expose further layers of our family’s complexities.” 


“Dr. Miller has an extensive knowledge of so many areas of psychology. Her diverse experience provides her with the ability to connect with patients of all ages and backgrounds. She truly invests in each patient, with her attention to detail, making them feel like her top priority. Dr. Miller was able to identify the triggers behind the behaviors my son was exhibiting and ultimately determine the correct diagnosis for him, that no other psychologists had been able to do. She went above and beyond, by recommending future steps to be initiated in his school and outside of his school. She was thorough, patient, and caring every step of the way.”


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